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About Us .

Augs Financial Group consists of global companies regulated by various regulators . The group is an internationally integrated financial service provider dedicated to providing access, and services relating to innovative margin trading platforms and efficient international settlement and payment solutions. We also offer solutions to help our clients manage risks and achieve stable growth of wealth.


We offer one-stop financial services

Forex Trading

We are committed to providing our customers with a feature-rich and competitive forex trading platform. The tradable products cover dozens of currency pairs, CFDs and indices and other financial derivatives.

Non-cash payment

We provide W-ecosystem service solutions that facilitate your deployment and use of WeChat Pay, a popular payment system with over 1 billion monthly users.

Financial Consulting Services

We also provide high-quality and professional consultancy services.

Why choose AUGS .


Augs Financial Group consists of global companies regulated by multiple financial regulating authorities from several countries. We endeavour to comply with all laws and regulations when providing our services.


We have a professional team of experienced financial experts ready to provide sound solutions to our clients.


Our services are quick and efficient, with competitive pricing.

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