On September 23rd, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, in the distant southern hemisphere Australia, AUGS Financial Group entered in the community to prepare exquisite gifts and promotions for participants.

The Mid-Autumn Folklore Temple Fair, which promotes and inherits Chinese folk culture, features national cultural performances and diets, enriches the cultural life of the masses in Sydney. There are large financial institutions, real estate, catering and media companies in Australia participating in this celebration. Augs Financial Group was invited to participate in this event, aiming to express our gratefulness to all customers, in order to better serve customers on currency exchange, asset management and other aspects.

Also we provided gifts, sweepstakes and discount coupons, which were welcomed and recognized by old and new friends. Many people from the Sydney area were brought together for wishing this scene. The first Mid-Autumn Festival Folk Culture Festival was to be highly pleasing loved by the Chinese and Australian people. Augs Financial Group has more benefit into the community activities, and is preparing to bring you a better experience in the Mid-Autumn Festival next year!