The globally regulated companies in Augs Financial Group uses the STP/ECN model to provide customers with a globally competitive and protected trading platform.

Our trading products cover dozens of currency pairs, CFDs and indices, and other financial derivatives, which can achieve diversified trading strategies and meet your different needs. We provide access via third party licensed entities to the world’s popular MT4 platform to support PC, web and mobile applications and a wealth of technical indicators, so that you can take advantage of trading opportunities offered by the relevant licensed entities.

Our professional financial solutions help our partners not only focus on your current needs but also on long-term business development goals. A number of financial institutions such as the world’s top investment banks have escorted our liquidity. We have self-developed risk management tools to ensure security and stability and our automated trading algorithms can help you achieve wealth growth.

Products & Services .

Forex Trading

We are committed to providing our customers with a complete, competitive and protected trading platform. The products you can trade cover dozens of currency pairs, CFDs and indices and other financial derivatives.

Yield Enhancement Service

AUGS uses arbitrage and quantitative trading strategies to make yield enhancement plans for customers which may improve the stability of income and mitigate the level of risk.

International Settlement and Payment

We help export oriented clients engaged in the trade of goods and services, providing international settlement and cross-border payment services.

Professional Financial Market Analysis

We collect views from leading international economists and analysts of the AUGS Markets professional R&D team, so that we can forecast on the future direction of the financial markets and potential profitable strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

Hedging Service

AUGS offers hedging products which help customers to limit the risks of the fluctuated foreign exchange rate and commodity price.

Process .


New customer applies for registering a new account


The client submits the required documents


Client confirms the transaction information to complete the process

The above steps are a simplified version of the process and additional steps may be required to complete the compliance process.



  • Front and back pages of Australian Photo ID/Driver License + Front page of Medicare card/Bank card.

  • If you are providing passport, please provide signature page and photo page of your passport, as well as the proof of your current address. (e.g.:bank statements/telephone bills/water,electricity bills/government letters from the past 3 months.)


  • Certificate of Registration of a company issued by ASIC.

  • Company Extract from ASIC.(detailed information of company and company shareholders)

  • Proof of Company Current Address.(Bank statements/telephon bills/water,electricity bills/government letters from the past 3 months)

  • Both sides of Photo ID of Director, Shareholder who holds more than 25% of the shares and Regular Contacts.

  • If the company has more than two directors, more than half of directors need to be present to open an account.

Frequently Asked Questions .

01. What is Forex?

The global foreign exchange (FOREX, Forex or FX) market is the largest market in the world with more than $3 trillion daily turnover - dwarfing the combined turnover of the world's stock and bond markets. The liquidity and competitive pricing available in this market are unsurpassed, and today with the irregularity in performance in other markets, the growth of Forex trading, investing and management is accelerating.

02. Why trade?

More recently, private investors and individual traders have entered the market for global currency as they discover the advantages of:1) Trading leverage 2)Market liquidity 24 hours a day 3)Commission free, very low dealing costs 4)Dynamic movement and opportunities for profit. Aggressive investors are attracted by the volatility of the Forex market and the opportunity for substantial profits, particularly when using leverage.

03. Why Choose AugsFX?

AugsFX is a subsidiary brand of AUGS Financial Group. We are a forex service provider for enterprises registered with ASIC. All transactions are conducted under the strict supervision of AUSTRAC. We endeavour to safeguard your assets to the best of our capabilities.

04. How To Trade?

New customers will need to open an account before trading(See above for opening process and documents needed). Existing customers can contact our customer service team for a transaction straight away.