AugsPay is a subsidiary of AUGS Financial Group. As an Australian institutional service provider authorized by Tencent with an independent financial license, AugsPay is committed to building a bridge between China and Australia’s cross-border e-commerce and consumers. On this basis, we provide W-ecosystem service solutions that facilitate your deployment and use of WeChat Pay, a popular payment system with over 1 billion monthly users, including WeChat payment, WeChat mall, WeChat advertising, public account application and WeChat circle system, etc. AugsPay will integrate multiple payment methods and financial systems, creating value for intelligence and data.

  • Australian institutional service provider officially authorised by Tencent

  • Established in 2010 as an integrated financial services provider (AFSL No: 374 686)

  • Committed to providing a fast and efficient cross-border payment experience and stable asset management services

Wechat Data .

According to figures released, the number of monthly active accounts of global users of WeChat, the most widely used mobile communication application in China, reached 1 billion, making it the first monthly active account in China with more than 1 billion applications. WeChat integrates communication, social, news, consumption, mobile payment, games and other functions, and has become an indispensable part of most Chinese people’s daily lives. The hidden value that can be created cannot be underestimated. (Data collected in 2018)

W-ecosystem .

W-ecosystem creates value by “linking”, and “transplanting” the original business model to WeChat platform to form a closed-loop mobile Internet business solution plan. W-ecosystem is committed to connecting the relationship between two B-terminals and one C(merchants and We-Media, We-Media and fans), forming a self-media marketing and interactive platform in the era of mobile Internet. Merchants are about to break away from the old revenue formula, based on W-ecosystem, build malls through public accounts, and break through the last barrier of cross-boarder e-commerce to realize cross-boarder payment for all industries, so that capital can continue to survive.

W-ecosystem Program .

Subscription Accounts

Keep the media active

Wechat Pay

Meet basic payment needs

Wechat Voucher

Inspire new demand

Mini Program

Take advantage of product features

Wechat Hardware

Product performance optimization

WeChat Enterprise Account

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